Are You a Hot Mom-to-Be? Celebrate With a Themed Baby Shower!

These days, themed baby showers are hotter than ever! Sure, traditional baby showers still have their charm – any time spent with your friends and family is lovely, of course, and you can’t go wrong with the classic games, cake and ice cream and baby blue or pastel pink. But if you want to do something a little different for your baby shower, try some of these ideas.

Want an excuse to decorate? Go with a color theme for your baby shower. You can easily bring the idea behind the chic black and white parties of the sixties to your shower by decorating your home accordingly and requesting guests go along with the color theme. Pastels are always in style for baby showers; try a pink and green themed shower for spring, and invite everyone to show up in their favorite pale shade. Your pictures from the event will look like a spring garden!

Herald a little girl’s eminent arrival with a candy-sweet theme of pastel pink and chocolate brown. This is the perfect event for cupcakes, whether you want chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting or you’re ready to get creative with striped chocolate and pink vanilla frosting. You can even extend the theme beyond the party by requesting any children’s clothing be in the appropriate colors – as that color combination shows no signs of going out of fashion, you could start your baby off right with a fine wardrobe.

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