Are Glitter Roots The Latest Hair Trend?!

Let me just say that my very first reaction when I saw this latest hair trend that involves women dumping their entire craft room worth of sparkles on their hair was a big old ‘Hell no!’ I banned glitter from my house about 10 years ago, when I realized just how hard that stuff is to clean up. One craft project involving glitter and I had sparkles in my house for months! And they would show up anywhere and everywhere. I’d be out with friends and they’d randomly find a sparkly on my face or on my clothes. I do not do glitter and I’m very thankful that my daughter has never been in to it either.

But now we seem to have this latest hair trend that features women accenting their hair with glitter and sparkles and they’re posting the pics to instagram. I have to admit, it looks pretty cool, but I can’t help but think there would be glitter EVERYWHERE!

There’s this festive look




Or how about this?



There’s the braided look



Multi coloured glitter



I can’t even imagine where all this glitter would end up!




Even men are getting in on the action!

What do you think of this glitter roots trend Hot Moms? Would you give it a try for a holiday party, or is this just too much mess for you to even consider?






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