Apple Does Make Your iPhone Slower As Its Battery Gets Older

Um.... I feel deceived. Here's what to do about it —

Seriously, where would we be without our iPhones? They are such a big part of our lives now that it would feel weird and wrong to not have them with us. We take them everywhere, and use them all the time. We can take photos whenever we need to. At any given time we can look up something on Google or check the weather. Our schedules and every phone number we could need are stored in it’s smart little insides.

Each year it seems Apple comes up with a new version. As much as we would like to keep up on the latest model it’s not always possible. Bigger camera? Larger screen? Not as easy to smash into 100 million little pieces? Yes please. But, with other bills to pay for and oh, that phone we do have is still in working condition, we have to wait.

And then that thing happens that everyone complains about. Almost right to the week when a new and expensssssive iPhone drops, the older one we’re working with seems to *  s l o w  * d o w n  * to a crawl.

People were treating this like some kind of conspiracy theory. Like Apple does something to all the phones the second they release a new one. People were throwing theories that they did this to force or entice the masses to buy the new phone. Drop that thousand dollars because if the features of the iPhone didn’t make people rush to the stores, nothing will get people do that faster than a slow phone. It’s the worst. Like a slow computer, people can’t handle it.

Well, those theories are now fact because Apple just admitted to doing that. Let us explain their why and how you can fix the problem for you.

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Devan McGuinness

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