Mom Describes How Her Anti-Vaxx ‘Mother In-Law from Hell’ Ruined Her Marriage

The mother in-law relationship can be tricky for many women, but it only gets trickier if you and your mother in-law have fundamentally different belief systems.

Sure, it’s one thing if you disagree over breastfeeding or bottle feeding, or when to start your baby on solids, or any of the million decisions parents have to make when raising a child, but when a mother in-law begins insisting that her beliefs take priority over yours, there’s definitely going to be problems. Especially if those beliefs involve the health and well being of your child.

The vaccination debate has raged for years, and has not only divided friends but also families, which is exactly what it’s done in this case.

One woman recently recounted how she thought she and her husband were on the same page when it came to major parenting decisions, but had never really discussed their stances on vaccines.  After having children she discovered her strict anti-vaxx mother in-law’s stance against not only vaccines but traditional medicine not only contributed to the downfall of her marriage, but she also thinks may be detrimental to the health of her children.

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Mother in-law from hell!?

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