Anti-Vax Movement Now Spreading to Dog Owners Who Are Refusing to Vaccinate

While the scientific evidence proves that vaccines help save lives, an alarming number of people still believe vaccines are unsafe. The anti-vax movement has become more vocal in recent years, but it’s largely based on poor science and fear-mongering.

Anti-vaxers argue that people should fear vaccines because of scary chemicals and toxins, and some are convinced that immunization shots will give their children autism.

Parents should advocate for their children’s health, but to completely diminish the research and science of the safety of vaccinations is beyond me. Yes, some children have allergies and specific medical conditions, and parents should work with their doctor to come up with a plan. But for the majority of the population, immunizations protect from deadly diseases.

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Vaccines help save lives – dogs’ lives too

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Maria Lianos Carbone

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