Annie Duke–Queen of the Poker Tables

By: Patricia Walters-Fischer RN

Kevin Rahm enjoying the Coca Cola VIP Lounge
Kevin Rahm enjoying the Coca Cola VIP Lounge

Annie Duke is someone you don’t want to face—at least, not across a poker table. This Ivy League graduate has not only dominated the casino tables in Vegas and across the US, she’s a fierce believer in family and fitness.

After moving to Colorado in 1991, with her then husband, Ben Duke, Annie and Ben began to play poker at local establishments to pay the mortgage on their home.

A few years later, her brother, famed poker player Howard Lederer, encouraged Annie to try her luck at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. Not only did she place well (13th), she beat out her brother! During her first month of play, she won 70K. After that, she and Ben moved to Las Vegas where she could apursue the art of poker playing on a professional level.1

Fast forward several years and four babies later, Annie is going as strong as ever.

Even though her game is trying to beat the house, Annie stresses in her home, it’s about “family first”.

“I have flexibility because of what I do and that puts me at an advantage over someone who has to go to work from nine to five,” explains Annie to HMC. “I can pick and choose the time I have to spend time away from my children. If the kids are scheduled for a show, birthday, that rates high. Important events are never scheduled over that.”

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