Angelina Jolie Desperate To Work With Justin Theroux After Jennifer Aniston Split

This would be very interesting.

Oh celebrity drama, you’re so much fun to pay attention to. It’s hard to keep your nose out of the what’s goin on with celebrities and Hollywood stars. Their publicists almost always say any press is good press (though that’s not true right now) and celebrity gossip is sometimes the only way to turn off the brain and just get petty for a minute. And that’s OK. Not like Angelia Jolie is going to be hurt by the feelings of someone whom she’s never going to hear of, right? So we’re good and this gossip that comes from Hollywood Life says Angelina Jolie is looking to throw some heat on a longtime burning fire.

There is no way that Angelia Jolie and Jennifer Aniston will ever be cool with each other. How could they given what has gone on between the two of them. Even if they wanted to just be like “whatever” after all this time, they will never be comfortable around each other. It will never not be awkward.

Even so many years after Brangelina became a think and Brad and Jennifer were long gone, these two Hollywood ladies are linked together in gossip. It flares up every time a story about romances comes up and the latest is really juicy.

Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston will never be friends, and this latest rumor really isn’t going to help that.

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Devan McGuinness

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