Amber Rose Has EVERYONE Talking After Posting a Photo Without Pants or Undies

Do I like being in my birthday suit? Am I comfortable being naked? Absolutely. But I love being in the flesh in the comfort and privacy of my own home and of course, behind closed doors. And definitely without a camera nearby. I love my body, but unless you are one of my close family members (like my husband and my children), you don’t need to see it.

But as you can imagine, a lot of celebrity moms feel differently, especially when it comes to flaunting each and every curve they have on social media. Just ask Amber Rose, who recently posted the riskiest photo we’ve ever seen on social media. It was so hot (and NSFW) that Instagram promptly removed it. Let me warn you that this is NOT suitable for young eyes.

amber rose
Credit: Getty Images

Amber Rose’s bottomless photo is making everyone scream!

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