Amber Rose Dyed Her Son’s Hair To Look Like Hers And The Trolls Are All Over Her For It

He's only 4 years old.

One of the cutest things about little kids is how much they love their parents. There is this age pocket where they look up to you like you are the coolest thing to ever hit the planet. It feels good to be loved and admired so much and before you know it, your child will be out of that phase. They will be deep into doing things that are anything but hanging with you until they are all grown and miss you again. Amber Rose has a 4-year-old little boy who looks like he’s the center of her world. In every photo she posts of him, you can see how happy he is. And he is still at that age where he wants to be just like mama.

So he asked her if he could be just like mama. He wanted to look like her and asked if he, too, could dye his hair. Amber Rose has very short hair and it’s bleached to pretty much white. Sebastian, who will be turning 5-years-old at the end of February, asked if he could have the same hairdo as mama. I, personally, think that’s the cutest thing in all the land. There is something special about a boy who looks up to his mama so much.

Amber Rose posted about her boy’s request and she ended up getting a lot of hate from it.

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