Amazon Is Raising Its Prime Fee And People Are P*ssed

The Price Hike Means Subscribers Pay Almost $156 per Year

If you’re a fan of Amazon Prime, you may want to brace yourself for this news. The company announced that it would be increasing the monthly subscription price for it’s Prime service by $2. You have two options for subscribing: you can either pay the full $99 ($49 for students) fee upfront, or you can pay month-to-month. The monthly subscription is great for people who aren’t sure if they want to commit for a full year. It’s also helpful if you want to sign up, but can’t swing a hundred bucks for the annual fee. You get all the same benefits of Amazon Prime, without the commitment. But now, that sweet deal just got a little sour.

The price increase of $2 a month may not seem like a big deal. If you love Prime, and have been paying $10.99 to use it (and get a lot of use out of it), then the new $12.99 price probably won’t seem that bad. But when you do the math, it doesn’t sound as great. Monthly subscribers paying the new price will end up shelling out about $24 more per year. Which sucks! It sucks even more when you realize that monthly subscribers have been paying more for the service, even at the lower monthly price.

Convenience costs money, as it turns out!

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