Amazon Controversy: Online Giant Forced to Pull This Racist Bib!

Oh, Amazon. We thought you were better than this.

Amazon: it’s honestly my go-to and happy online place for all of my basic everyday necessities. As a matter of fact, my husband and I are Amazonites, so to speak. A lot of the important purchasing decisions we make are based on whether or not Amazon has the item in stock and if it can be shipped to us in a matter of days.

Well, as much as we do love our Amazon Prime membership, there have been some questionable things that we have seen online. But according to reports, Amazon recently made one really big mistake that a lot of people are up in arms with. And once you see what it is, we’re sure that you’ll feel the same way about it.

This come right after Swedish retail store H&M was called out for a very racist and offensive hoodie that had the words “Coolest monkey in the jungle.” A lot of people took to their social media accounts to call out the retailer for what a lot of people thought was blatant racism. The sweater has since been pulled off store shelves.

Seriously people, think before you shop! But this racist line from Amazon is just downright awful.

Here’s what happened.

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