Amazing Things Your Baby Knows

Amazing Things Your Baby Knows

By Peg Rosen

Amazing things your baby knows. They may not be able to read or write, but babies and toddlers are a far cry from the cute-but-clueless lumps that experts at one time believed they were. “Advances in neuroscience and new methodologies are showing us that children are active learners long before they can express that fact through language,” says Diane Bales, an associate professor at The University of Georgia in Athens and the co-director of the educational group Better Brains for Babies.

Here are a few of the surprising research findings on what your baby knows:

  • Baby knows something was there, even if it’s gone. Researchers from Johns Hopkins University and Rutgers University have debunked the old idea that when something’s out of an infant’s sight, the baby thinks it ceases to exist. When researchers switched a triangular block for a square one behind a screen, the young babies didn’t notice the swap. But when they removed the block without replacing it, the babies were surprised to see nothing behind the screen.
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