Amanda Seyfried Settles Bottle vs. Breastfeeding Debate in One Tweet

It seems as though as soon as you pop out a baby you must answer to the question, “are you breastfeeding or bottle feeding?” It’s not really anyone’s business and even though it really shouldn’t matter, people for some reason feel inclined to ask. We all know what it feels like whenever someone tries to enforce their feeding opinions on you or you are trying really hard to make breastfeeding work and it’s just not (ugh, because breastfeeding is tough stuff!) – these questions can be crippling.

Well, another reason to love Amanda Seyfried just surfaced because she just put an end to this entire debate like a boss – using just one tweet.

Credit: Amanda Seyfried/Instagram

See what Amanda Seyfried said in her tweet!

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Allison Cooper

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