Mom Allegedly Went Back To Work After Finding Her 4-Year-Old Girl Shot By Her 8-Year-Old Boy

The little girl was shot multiple times.

One of the biggest concerns moms who are about to welcome their second baby is a worry that they won’t have enough love to go around. Parents, generally, quickly realize that it’s a worry for no reason. Love grows when your family grows. It’s amazing how you can have two or more little humans who you love with all your being and the love there is all the same. At least, that’s the case for some mothers, but maybe not all. People are questioning an Ohio mom named Alyssa Edwards after she was arrested for not looking after her two kids.

Juggling multiple kids with all the other things moms have to do is hard. I imagine that challenge is exponentially more challenging if you’re a single mom with little support or help from friends or family. Trying to balance it all is a task that can no doubt seem impossible at times and if the charges against this mom are true, it’s easy to see why people feel that she’s failed her kids. Raising kids and needing to work is not always cut and try. Sometimes you have to work to pay the bills and that means leaving your kids.

For this mom, that meant leaving for work, getting a call of an injury and allegedly making the wrong decision to go back to work.

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Devan McGuinness

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