This Family Had An ‘Alligator Watermelon’ Gender Reveal

Um... that's unique.

Pregnancy is fun because you get to do a lot of fun things that really only happen at this point of life. It’s all about celebrating and parties and there is no shortage of that when you are expecting. First there was only the baby shower, where you celebrate the mom-to-be and bring her items that she will need when she’s a new mom. Then we started having meet and greets as well, and of course, now we have the big ol’ gender reveal. The party, that usually comes before a baby shower where you get to surprise your guests — and yourself — on which bits your baby-to-be showed during the ultrasound.

When it comes to gender reveals, people get really creative about it. We’ve seen people use darts, guns, cakes, balloons, and so to stand out you have to do something extra.

And that’s what this family did. Because when I think “extra” they went over that and kudos to them because it’s gotten their gender reveal noticed.

Rebecca Miller and Mike Kliebert shared their gender reveal for their third child on Facebook. It quickly got attention because… well, to be candid, it doesn’t seem like it’s safe at all.

They used an alligator. Yep. Real life living alligator to help reveal to their friends, family, and themselves the gender of their next babe.

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Devan McGuinness

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