All for bragging rights!

Wear headphones on your pregnant belly, baby Einstein, or wait, that’s a unethical now, try the organic educational dvd’s,  teach then to read by 2, sign them up for a college prep pre-school  oh and shouldn’t they be potty trained by 9 months?  PEOPLE……what the F___?????  Are you even aware of how incredibly self righteous and ridiculous  all of this pushing is?  Have you ever met a kindergartener  still in diapers? How about a child that didn’t know how to read (with us as parents now) by the time they were in first grade. And isn’t  the mothers heartbeat what nature intended for our babies to hear while in the womb?  Let them grow at a normal pace and let them be healthy mentally, not feel like underachievers at birth.  And what is this all for anyway? Our own bragging rights?  My child plays 4 sports, my child has an orange folder(AKA gifted) my child plays 4 sports and 3 instruments, my child was potty trained by the time he was a year old, my child knows how to spell and she is only 4 years old,  WHO CARES! They will all be there at some point.  Some children are more gifted than others at different things, and that is great. They will all figure out what it is they are good at and more importantly what they really enjoy doing.  But isn’t it our job to help them figure these things out for themselves, not force them?  We need to back off as parents and at least give them the time (maybe by the time they talk) to let us know what their own pace is.  I know, I was forcing my son to read in kindergarten because that is what they were teaching. Turns out, my son was one of the youngest in his class and he just wasn’t getting it. Scientifically, his brain connectors were not in place yet. I was pushing and pushing trying to keep up with the other families and he physically wasn’t able to “get it.” Looking back, how sad that this was his first experience of real school and he was crying over feeling bad about himself! By the way, I saw it “click”  that summer and by the time he was in first grade he was able to read……right on schedule.  I learned to not care what other kids were doing and stop comparing my kid. Now when I hear a parent “brag” about where there child is or what their child is doing, I look over at my kids and see them smiling and  know they are right on target with talents of their own!

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