Alicia Machado Publicly Criticizes Cristiano Ronaldo for Having Twins Through Surrogacy

I’m not the kind of person to stand in the way of someone’s happiness. If a child is lucky enough to have one, two, or heck even three loving parents or providers that do everything to make sure that their kids are protected, happy and healthy, then who am I to get in the way? Better yet, why should I even say anything? There are a good number of children who dream of belonging to a loving family each and every day. And if you have the means to provide one for a child in need, than all I can say is more power to you.

But as you can imagine, not everyone feels the same way. That’s why so many people are shocked after former Miss Alicia Machado slammed international soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo for having twins via a surrogate.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Credit: Instagram/@cristianoronaldo

Does Alicia have a point?

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