Alicia Keys And Son, Egypt, Go Green

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Alicia Keys and husband, Swizz Beatz, were spotted in New York City with 9 month old son, EgyptEgypt is sporting Jemos shoes in the Matthew style in a one of a kind navy blue with red stripes color combination.


Jemos in the Matthew style in navy blue and white stripes ($28) at

What makes Jemos shoes different is that they are hand-stitched from soft leather remnants.  The company continues the eco-friendly focus by making sure the shoes and all the packaging is made of 90% post-consumer and Earth friendly materials.  They also have a 4 mm thick padded, non-skid sole for comfort and they are wider at the front of the shoe for growing feet.  But one of the best parts is that every purchase comes with a little plush giraffe named Jemo.

Alicia and Swizz are obviously thinking about the well being of their son and the world that he will be growing up in.





Stephanie Selarka

Stephanie lives in Del Mar, California with her husband and one-year old son Tage. She has spent a great deal of her life following celebrity gossip through magazines and online blogs. Stephanie is always on the hunt for the latest and greatest kids stuff and loves to share her finds with others.

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