Every Mom Needs To Watch Ali Wong’s New Netflix Special

She's hilarious, and nails motherhood

    When you’re a mom, you have to laugh at yourself. Comedian Ali Wong nails the humor of motherhood in her new Netflix special, “Hard Knock Wife.” They say laughter is the best medicine, and Wong gives us a healthy dose. From her frankness about the downsides of breastfeeding, to the realities of skin to skin contact, nothing is off limits. Wong’s level of honesty is refreshing. Because so often as moms, we feel bad when we highlight the negative aspects of motherhood. But let’s be honest here ladies, it’s not always great.

    “Your body is a cafeteria now”

    Some of the most hilarious moments come from Wong’s takes on breastfeeding.

    “I thought it was supposed to be this beautiful bonding ceremony where I would feel like I was sitting on a lily pad in a meadow, and bunnies would gather at my feet while the fat Hawaiian man-version of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ would play,” she says. Any mom who has actually nursed a baby knows nothing could be farther from the truth. Breastfeeding is obviously great if you can do it. But it surely isn’t very glamorous. You’re sweating, sticky, and sore. No Disney princess-esque woodland creatures are hanging around.

    But it’s when Wong compares breastfeeding to a classic children’s book where she nails it.

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