After Mom Tries to ‘Sell’ Her Toddler on Twitter For $12, CPS Workers Show Up

My boys are now 10 and 13, and as such, have a far wider vocabulary now than when they were younger – obviously. I can still be shocked and surprised by the words and phrases that come out of their mouths. Blame it on YouTube videos, music, friends at school – heck, even me.

But there once was a time when they were innocent; when they were little, they’d say the cutest things. I have a Word document titled “Funny quotes from my kids” with things they’ve said over the years. From time to time, I’ll look at it and read some of their adorable phrases.

Alex McDaniel is the editorial director of Oxford Magazine in Mississippi. She too has collected some funny quotes from her child.

She wrote, “There’s a spreadsheet in my Google Drive titled “3yo Tweets,” a collection of my 3-year-old son’s funniest quotes. I started tweeting his best stuff about a year ago (back when he was 2yo) as a way to document some of the memories that would otherwise go unwritten in a baby book or captured on camera.”

For example, in one tweet, she shares:

“me: it’s bedtime

2yo (puts hand over my mouth):

quiet, girl”

toddler tweets
Credit: Twitter/ @AlexMcDaniel

Moms tweets about toddler lands her in trouble

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Maria Lianos Carbone

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