Science Says Alcohol Is More Important Than Exercise If You Want To Live Past 90

Thanks, science!

Following advice is hard. It’s not as easy to do all the “right” things the experts say will help you live healthier and longer. We all want to live life with as much energy and happiness and we can. We want to do what we can to avoid illness and to give ourselves the best life that we can. That often means we have to look to experts who tell us what’s healthy and what isn’t. That means cutting down on refined sugar, saturated fats, exercising more, eating junk in moderation — because sometimes you need a little sweetness. Healthy according to experts means less alcohol, more time in the sun — but not too much because the sun is dangerous.

It is hard to follow it all and if you do follow all of the advice, you might be undoing all your work. Because stress. Stress sin’t good for your either and all this is hard because you want to be perfect and live forever.

Well, we’ve finally got some good news for you. And some “live a healthy long live” advice that might be easier to follow than anything else ever before. Science backed up advice that means you will have to do a little less moving maybe a more of the things you love — like drinking.

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Devan McGuinness

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