Alaskan Bush People Mom Ami Brown Undergoing Second Round of Chemo

Alaskan Bush People
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There is no denying that reality TV has been huge for making new celebrities — people who otherwise don’t really have a special talent or ability, but their family or life situation is interesting. We’ve gotten to know a whole lot of people that we’d never have in our lives, no matter where we live, and it’s been really interesting.

Some of the reality TV stars we’ve come to know we can’t stand, but we still love to watch them. I’d argue that’s what the Kardashian Jenner family is for so many of us. We know someone watches them because they’ve been on TV for 10 years with their show Keeping up With the Kardashians and the millions of other spin-offs from that show. And their being renewed for millions of dollars. So clearly, we love to hate them, but we still watch.

The winter of '95 #TBT

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But there are plenty of other families we’ve gotten to know thanks to the rise of reality TV and just like the Kardashians, they lead very different lives than us. And that’s probably why so many people love the family from the show Alaskan Bush People. The Brown family — Billy, his wife Ami, and their seven adult children — are stars of this reality-doc series following them as they basically live in the Alaskan bush.

They go 6-9 months without seeing an outsider and describe themselves as a “wolf pack.” They’ve got their own rules, their own dialect, and people have really grown to love them, which is why Discovery series has been running since 2014. And recently the matriarch of the family has been facing some serious health issues.

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