Mom Shares Her Heartbreaking Story After Newborn Died From Dehydration

I’m sure every mother knows that the pressure to either breastfeed, breastfeed exclusively or breastfeed while giving supplements is real. You’d think it were a private and personal choice, but it does feel like everyone has an opinion on what you should or shouldn’t do with your kids. Yes, your child! Even though you are ultimately the one responsible for making sure that your child is well fed, everyone wants to give you their two cents and input on how to do it.

It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

That’s why one mother’s story of how she accidentally starved her child is making the rounds on the Internet this week. She was so determined to exclusively breastfeed. But just three days into her baby’s short life, the paramedics were called to their family home and the little baby was put on life support. And now this mom is telling her story with the hope that you won’t make the same mistake she did.

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Here’s why this baby died from cluster breastfeeding

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