After A Chicken Pox Outbreak This School Is Telling Unvaccinated Kids To Stay Home

A Michigan area school is telling all students who haven’t been vaccinated against the chicken pox to stay home for 21 days following an outbreak of the pox in their local area schools.

The Traverse City Record Eagle reports that 35 students have been told to stay home from school following the outbreak on recommendation of the County Health Department after it was reported that 8 students had come down with the chicken pox. By keeping the unvaccinated kids from school, officals are hoping to contain the spread of the chicken pox.

If the kids who aren’t vaccinated go ahead and get the vaccine, they can then return to school once they’re cleared by a medical professional.  The school board has assured parents that the children will be kept up to date with their studies and that they will remain connected with the school.

This is a tough one for me. I’m not an anti-vaxxer in the least but I opted out of the chicken pox vaccine when my daughter was young. She’s my oldest and the vaccine had just come out and I wanted it to be out a few years before I gave it to my kids. My daughter ended up contracting the virus when she was 4 and still her younger brother, who I did have vaccinated also came down with it. His was definitely a mild case, but he did still get some sores on his body even though he had been vaccinated. Meaning even vaccinated kids can get the chicken pox, so keeping the unvaccinated ones home won’t necessarily control the outbreak.

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