After 7 Negative Pregnancy Tests Doctors Finally Discover Huge Tumor!



This is such a scary story! Louise Bryant was 26 when she first started feeling some sharp stomach pains and began to experience some bleeding between periods. Clearly worried she decided to take a pregnancy test to rule that out and it came back negative.

Because she was still worried and experiencing other symptoms like difficulty breathing she decided to get a medical opinion and went to the doctor. Over a 12 week period she was given 7 pregnancy tests over a 12 week period to rule out pregnancy until they finally discovered a tumor the size of a soccer ball covering her ovary! Wow!

Louise told the DailyMail ;

‘There was something in my stomach all along, but it certainly wasn’t a baby. It was a tumour the size of a small football.

‘The tumour was pressing on my lungs and causing me to have difficulty breathing.

‘When I look back, all the symptoms I had are typical of ovarian cancer and I’m glad I was persistent and kept going back to doctors for answers.’

‘I was 110 per cent positive that I was not pregnant, but I was repeatedly asked to do more tests.

Finally, after a 4 hour surgery, the tumor was removed and Louise discovered that she had ovarian cancer! After almost a year after she first developed the symptoms Louise is cancer free and hoping to one day start a family with her husband.

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