Dad Says School Embarrassed Him and His Son Because They Couldn’t Afford School Supplies

The beginning of a new school year is expensive for everyone. I have four children and I can tell you that the amount of money I spend on school supplies is astronomical. I’m grateful every day that I can walk in to a Target store or Staples and pick up everything on my kids’ school supply list and not have to worry if I can afford to pay for it or not.

I’m also aware that there are many parents who struggle to buy those necessary supplies every year, and often times teachers and schools step in to help out. In my son’s last school we were able to buy school supply kits, and the kit company even gave the option of purchasing a kit to be donated to the school, which was a nice way to be able to help out a child who needed it.

Fortunately for families who do struggle to purchase the seemingly endless list of school supplies there are many options to help kids what they need. But what if your child goes to a school that rejects those options and instead insists you pay a fee for school supplies?

How are parents supposed to come up with money that just isn’t there?

school supplies
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What would you do?

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