Adventures in Cancun

During the 5 nights in Playa del Carmen, we really didn’t have much desire to leave our hotel property.  I had already visited the local adventure park, Xcaret and the aquarium park, XelHa, previously, and although I thought there both fun filled parks, the goal of this trip was simple: RELAX!  So, we did just that!


We did venture into town and had dinner on 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen one night, at the suggestion of my well traveled friend Mary Kalil,  who was coincidentally staying at a hotel in that same area that same week.  Mary and her family stayed closer to downtown PLaya, and the benefit to that was that they didn’t have to take a cab to 5th avenue; they could just walk out of their hotel and enjoy the fabulous and energetic Mayan nightlife.  This evening excursion was so fun, and had a European vibe where we heard so many various languages being spoken up and down the boutique/cafe/restaurant lined street.  We felt completely SAFE, which was very  important to me, and yet got to enjoy that Cancun-ish, half chaotic/half chilled vibe.  We found an Italian restaurant to eat, which was yummy, but I can’t remember the name, as it actually didn’t leave a fabulous lasting impression due to the mosquitos that attached  my entire body; apparently the restaurant was built on top of water, and my poor legs fell victim to some hungry suckers).  That’s what I get for not sticking to Mexican food in Mexico!

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