Adele Says Singing About Motherhood Would Have Been Boring, Check Out Her New Clip!

Adele is back and let me tell you, her latest single, “Hello” has given me chills! I can’t stop listening to the track as there is no doubt the British songstress is going to be a radio powerhouse in the coming months.

The chart topper recently opened up about her new studio offering and how she thinks singing about motherhood would have been too boring for fans. I find this claim hard to believe, but I’m not doubting anything that Adele says, because the woman simply does no wrong!

Talking about her personal new new album is, Adele said:

Definitely for this record I would say so, because when I was writing my last record no one was waiting. There was no one sitting with a pen trying to analyse what I was talking about. It took me a long time to focus on how I wanted to write and what I wanted to write about. I mean I can’t write 21 again because I’m not in that place, I’m in a great place. I had to find another part of my life – I did pretty much write an album about being a mum, but that’s pretty boring for everyone who isn’t a mum (so) I scrapped that.

And you know what, Adele should have named her first single “Good-Bye” because that’s exactly what the rest of the artists are going to be saying to their careers once she goes full-drive with her singles here. This woman is one FIRE!

Source via Xpose

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