Adam Levine Meets The Little Girl Who Cried Over Him, But She’s Already So Over It ~ Viral Video

OMG~ We are so sorry ~ Adam Levine ~ But, Mila is just not that into you.

3-year-old Mila’s mom shared a video of her a few weeks ago of her breaking down when she learned that Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine was married, went viral!

Ellen decided to introduced the two… but it was a little too late ~  because, as Levine put it, Mila had already “moved on.”

Ellen also gifted the little girl with an Adam outfit and talked about the pair’s love affair (he’s her boyfriend and she loves him), Levine himself made a surprise appearance.

With a single rose, Levine got down on one knee and hugged Mila before things quickly went awry.

The little girl immediately hung to her mother and buried her head into her chest while she sat next to Levine on the Ellen couch.

“I think she’s changed her mind,” DeGeneres said, and added, “It’s a lot to meet the love of your life all the sudden.”

Levine said he agreed to meet the little girl after seeing the short clip.

“It was kinda heartbreaking but it was so unbelievably cute, every single person I know – in my entire life – sent it to me,” he said, and joked, “She’s clearly transfixed.”

Mila’s mother told DeGeneres that her daughter’s initial meltdown happened in a grocery store after she mentioned Levine and his wife, Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo.

“And then, I felt really bad, but I told her again, and I filmed it,” Mila’s mother shared.


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