Former Disney Star Arrested And Charged With Armed Street Robberies

Adam Hicks Starred in Disney Sitcom "Zeke and Luther"

Former Disney star Adam Hicks, 25, has been arrested for his role in a string of armed street robberies in Burbank, Ca. Hicks, along with his girlfriend Danni Tamburro, 23, were taken into custody on Wednesday. Victims identified the car the couple used, and gave descriptions of the suspects. Authorities say the robberies began in the early morning hours of Wednesday, January 24. The couple approached a man who was out walking around 5:15 a.m. Hicks allegedly pointed a gun at the man and demanded his wallet. The man was able to escape unharmed, and alerted police.

Authorities say that while they were investigating that first robbery, three more robberies occurred within minutes of each other in the same Burbank community.  The suspects appeared to target victims who were out for a walk. Thankfully, the victims were able to give descriptions of the car Hicks and Tamburo were driving. They also gave detailed physical descriptions of Hicks. The car was described as a dark-colored Kia.

When authorities located the car, they found Tamburro inside. They also found property belonging to one of the victims. A search warrant was served on a residence believed to belong to the suspects, and once inside, authorities found more property belonging to the victims. Hicks and Tamburro were taken into custody.

Adam Hicks committed the robberies, according to authorities. Danni Tamburro drove the getaway car.

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