A Single Dad Started A Class To Teach Others, After Teaching Himself To Do His Daughter’s Hair

My husband grumbles every morning that I make him do our daughters hair. I don’t make him do anything fancy, but pulling it back in a ponytail and brushing it is all I ask. I do know that he is not in the norm and that a great way for a dad to bond with his little girl tis to do her hair!

Philippe Morgese is a single dad from Daytona, FL, and  created a class for other dads to learn, everything  from  brushing to the bun.

The Class went well and everyone was  happy with the way the class went "I'm so proud of those that showed up and tried their best . . . You guys rocked it! I can't express that enough." There will be more classes in the future!

Love it dad!

dad teaches other dads to do girls hair

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