A Perfect Day of Indulgence: Spa Montage in Laguna Beach

Photo Courtesy of Splash News

With spectacular views, gorgeous grounds and a laid back luxurious feel, it’s no wonder that the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach is a celebrity destination that Britney Spears has been seen at. But you don’t need to check in overnight to reap the relaxing rewards of time spent at their famous Spa Montage. With packages starting at $21o for the Day of Indulgence package you can enjoy the resort without having to pack for an overnight. This stress busting package is the perfect getaway for locals, including Hollywood natives looking for a respite.


Ciaran Blumenfeld is a writer and designer (Little Lubbaloo, Francie Pants). Practically every tot in tinseltown has worn her creations at one time or another but she designed her lines with her own 4 adorable kids in mind. Ciaran is the founder and publisher of Momfluential Media, a site that highlights the most influential moms online.

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