A Mom Posted About Her 4-Year-Old Daughter Getting Hit By A Boy And Has Gone Viral After Daughter Needs Stitches

Sometimes, my feed on facebook is overwhelming. I love all the wedding announcements, baby photos and favorite pets. But, the viral photos of those who are hurt or upset really can be upsetting! This one I just had to share.

Merritt Smith had to take her 4-year-old daughter to the hospital after being hit at school. While she was dealing with her daughter and upset over the whole situation, she was also upset with a conversation she had with a hospital employee.

In her Facebook post  Merritt says:"I bet he likes you." Dear man at the registration desk at Nationwide Children's hospital, "at that desk, you are in a position of influence, whether you realize it or not. You thought you were making the moment lighter. It is time to take responsibility for the messages we as a society give our children. Do not tell my 4-year-old who needs stitches from a boy at school hitting her 'I bet he likes you.'"

girl with stitches


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