A Letter by Grandma Ellen to Hella, Germany

A Letter by Grandma Ellen to Hella, Germany

By: Catherine Wayland

Dear Hot Mamas,

Happy, Happy New Year! International Family Magazine, and Hot Moms Club kicks off 2009 with a world tour of personalities and countries filled with all kinds of mamas, grandmas and families around the globe.

Our first stop is Bonn, Germany with Hella Kramer, mother, grandmother and her dear friend in the U.S., Ellen Blaustein, mother and grandmother as well.  Here they exchange letters to one another to discuss the natural resource of a grandparent and older person to the family unit.

Grandparents can be invaluable to us busy working, parents!  And senior citizens as a whole are a wealth of information and experience for us as parents, professionals, first-hand historians, and human beings.  Click onto International Family Magazine and read all the wonderful stories of seniors around the world.  And call your grandparent TODAY!

Love, Cat Wayland, International Family Editor for Hot Moms Club, January, 2009

A Letter by Grandma Ellen to Hella, Germany

Dear Hella,

During our frequent Germany-U.S., U.S.-Germany ‘phone conversations’, you and I frequently discuss the roles our friends and we play in our children’s lives. Well, just imagine! Now we have an opportunity to write about this for our German and English readers for the January 2009 issue of  International Family Magazine.

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