Taking Care Of Yourself; A Lesson From the Flight Deck

How many days have I forgotten breakfast? Oh, wait. Scratch that. I have it every day. It’s called coffee. You make sure your child has healthy meals all day, why do you skimp on yours? Eat five small meals for the energy to take care of your family. And water bottles. Fill them. Use them.


Never underestimate the power of a spa trip. Get your roots done. A pedicure. A massage. Just relax, feel beautiful and forget that the grocery shopping needs to be done (it can wait), the laundry is in the dryer (it can wait) and you need to pay bills (ok, those can’t wait too long).

Enlist support.

Let your spouse, family and friends know you need some “me” time. They’ll understand. And if they don’t, acquaint them with the saying, “When Mom’s happy, everyone’s happy.”


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