Taking Care Of Yourself; A Lesson From the Flight Deck

Putting ourselves last doesn’t serve us (or those around us) well. A woman disheveled, exhausted and stressed because her own needs haven’t been met, is a woman who doesn’t do anyone any good. There’s that oxygen mask analogy. Help yourself first, so you’re healthy/alert enough to help others.

It’s natural for us to put others’ needs in front of ours. That’s what moms do. Not always the best plan. Am I suggesting you bag a playgroup for a manicure? No. But there’s a happy medium between giving to others and giving to yourself. There’s nothing wrong with TLC for you from you.

Have Fun.

I love rollerblading. So when my daughter was born, I invested in a jogger stroller. Now we rollerblade together. If you there’s something you like to do, do it. Fit it in. Like reading? Go to the library (ah, silence). If that’s not in the cards, try audio books during car rides. The spoken word might be soothing to you both. Motherhood isn’t a reason to give up hobbies. You were a woman before you were a mother.

Be Active.

Staying active doesn’t just mean running after a toddler, although that is a workout. I mean walking, running, going to the gym, yoga. Our daughter was introduced early on to daily walks. It was a non-negotiable part of our day. There are ways to keep in shape—some with the baby (Mommy & Me Yoga), some without (read: gyms with childcare).


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