A Five Year Old Girl Awarded The Medal Of Bravery For Saving Her Mom And Baby Brothers Lives

Alexis Shymanski, upon first glance, is your typical five year old girl, except that unlike any of her other five year old friends, Lexi is now the proud recipient of the The Royal Canadian Humane Association’s Bronze Medal for Bravery.

It all started when Lexi was in a car driven by her mom Angela. Lexi was in the back seat of the family SUV alongside her 10 week old brother who was in his car seat, when their mom fell asleep at the wheel. The car then veered off the road and fell down a 12 meter embankment before resting on it’s roof, according to the CBC. What happened next is simply incredible.

Lexi woke after the accident to hearing her baby brother crying, and when she couldn’t wake up her mother she decided she needed to get help, ‘Lexi released her car seat’s five-point harness, pushed the airbag away, kicked open the jammed door and climbed out of the severely damaged vehicle.’

The five year old then proceeded to climb the steep 40 foot embankment barefoot to flag down help. Her mother, who had to have surgery for a broken back and internal injuries, had to be resuscitated twice while en route to the hospital. The Association who awarded Lexi with the Medal of Bravery said “Her heroic efforts certainly saved her mother’s and brother’s life.”

Lexi’s father Travis said that he and his wife had spoken to Lexi just a few months before the accident about what to do in case of an emergency, which absolutely paid off in this case.

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