A DISNEY Perfect 3rd Birthday!

Trying to find the most memorable present for your 3 year old [OK! Actually for any age is AMAZINGLY easy!]: DISNEYLAND! We took my 3 year old with 2 other friends on a DISNEY DAY. All 3 girls have their birthdays within weeks of each other so we decided not to buy birthday presents and took a day trip to Disneyland, CA.
We started off our day at Disney California Adventures! They did not walk they RAN to the New Arial ride and would not get off! Luckily the lines were short and we went on it at least 4 times. The Arial ride is not only a kid favorite as adults we were in LOVE with the vibrant colors and the amazingly real characters! Our only complaint it is not longer:)
The we decided to have lunch at Ariel’s Grotto for a princess lunch. It was incredible. The girls LOVE, LOVED seeing and taking pictures with Arielle, Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and more… Plus they loved the YUMMY lunch which is a great deal.a 3 course meal including drinks that everyone loved!
After we left California Adventures we hit the big kid rides! The Matterhorn, Dumbo, Its a small world, Winnie the Pooh and the jungle ride to name a few…


After a long day we were extremely excited to pull up a curb and watch the most Mickey’s Sensational  Parade! We LOVED, LOVED the colors, the music and all of our favorite friends! Here is a little sneak peak if you want to see!

NIGHT!!!! from Disneyland with LOVE!


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