A Day in the Life of a Writer-Mom

The morning begins with good intentions. My son’s—to dress himself. Mine—to embrace his efforts and give him space to shine. And hey, his act of independence may even afford me the luxury of a moment to write down a thought about the main character in my novel.
Make that a millisecond.
“Mom, where’s my Lincoln Park Zoo shirt?” the little voice calls from his room.
“I’m not sure, check your top drawer.”
Part of me is trying not to worry about him pinching his fingers in his ancient dresser drawer. Another part is willing my brain to focus on my own typing fingertips.
“It’s not here, Mommy.”
Thoughtus interruptus.
“Then it’s not clean,” I answer.
Will he find his shirt? Will I be able to capture this idea before it vanishes into the ether? I continue to type. Feverishly.
He finds his shirt. In the hamper.
“Mom, can you wash it?”
“Next time I do a load, honey.”
My answer comes on auto-pilot, that voice you use when you are answering your children politely while completely concentrating on something else. I type on, making a valiant effort to block out all distractions and harness my train of thought.
“But Mom, I need you to wash it NOW!”
My intellectual train is chugging out of the station. My fingers lift off the keyboard. Breathe, girl.
“I can’t wash it right now, Joe.”
“But Mom, I NEED it!!” And there it is. That particular whining noise that makes me cringe, in second place only to the high-pitched shriek.

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