A Child Allegedly Destroyed $1,300 Worth Of Sephora Makeup, and People Are Blaming The Mom

Let the debate begin!

Raising kids in the world often comes with criticized eyes along with them. You will make mistakes as a mom, your child is going to make mistakes in public that will probably fall back on you some. It’s a challenge between taking your child out with you so they know how to act when they’re in public and to keep them from places they might be too likely to cause issue.

There has always been this debate on where it’s appropriate to take your kids and when parents should always be making the call to keep their kid home. For some, that distinction is a very fine line, strict and should never be broken. For others, there’s this idea that kids are a nuisance and they need to be only where they have to be.

And apparently, Sephora is not the place for kids, according to one makeup artist who took to Facebook to share a rant over what she allegedly saw. According to her, a child supposedly destroyed $1,300 worth of Sephora makeup, and looking at the photo you know how much that sucks, but people are now jumping on the mom and we’re only getting half the story here.

An unknown mom is under harsh criticism after a Sephora employee shared a photo and story of a child who was in the store and went on a wrecking rampage.

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Devan McGuinness

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