A Cashier Told This Mom She Should Have Had an Abortion, Her Answer Is Flawless

Sometimes I forget. Actually, it’s more often than “sometimes.” I forget that I am a mom that needs to slow down. I forget that my children are watching everything I say and everything I do. I forget that I need to stop what I’m doing, drop everything and just play of cuddle my children. Because these little moments don’t last very long.

Because we are so consumed with everything that goes on in our daily lives, we need a little reminder that our children are individuals who are different in special little ways. Or for this mom, she needs to often remind herself that her child has Down Syndrome. It might be hard to believe it, but yes, she often forgets. To the outside world, you might see it. But for this mom – at home, and every day – she doesn’t. Her message is something we definitely need to hear as it’s yet another reminder that every child is special in his or her unique way. But at the same time, they don’t need to be treated any differently than their peers when in fact they act, do and say all the things you would expect.

Plus, people just need to mind their own damn business.

Let me warn you though that what you are about to hear will tug at your heartstrings. In other words, emotional level = high. Here’s why.

Down syndrome
Credit: Facebook / Hand Me Downs

This mom explains what happened when a stranger asked her this….

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