Seriously? The duggar family pregnant again?????

I can’t stand this family for several reasons and I can’t stand our society that glorifies them! The Duggar family announced this morning on the Today Show (will get to them later) that they are expecting their 20th baby. yup baby # 20! Are you kidding me? This is clearly an obsession that has gotten way out of hand. Who knows how it began, I assume it was their religion that doesn’t allow them to use birth control but there is something that would be allowed it’s called pulling out!!!!  This just reeks of attention getting and at the expense of even having an extremely premature baby the last pregnancy.(Michelle Duggar is 45 years old now) This in my opinion is a step behind Octomom! Just because you CAN have babies doesn’t mean you should or let’s say should have this many. This is way more children then what “God” intended but they are blaming their births on “the Lord”  instead of taking any responsibility themselves.

My next issue…..over population!!! Come on people, our world is suffering enough from over population, let’s just keep making the problem worse for the sake of you getting tons of attention!! Give me a break, can’t stand this. Now I feel all their children will be competing for the top numbers in child births. Their oldest is well on his way with two children of his own both under 3 years old after just getting married. Just lovely!

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