9 Ways to Help You Conceive Twins!

Back when I was young, fertile and well, pretty stupid I used to tell people all the time that I wanted to have twins. Because in my mind I thought that having two babies at the same time would be EASY. As in, get twice the job done in less time. Again, I was very young, had no idea about how much work it takes to even raise one baby and of course, pretty dumb.

Fast forward a decade later and I’m still trying to figure out how to raise two kids at the same time, and they are well over two years apart. I definitely applaud mothers of twins because these mamas are not only super-organized, equipped and ready-to-go super mamas, but they are out of this world, too. Seriously. You were given twins to take care of because you obviously know what you’re doing and you’re doing it right!

And if you are a mama looking to conceive twins, we’ve got good news. It’s possible if you follow some very simple rules and tips.

bi-paternal twins
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Here are 9 ways you can boost your chances of having twins!

1. Yams

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Eat a diet which is high in milk, yams and dairy foods. Yam is similar to cassava. The chemicals found in yam (phytoestrogens and progesterone) are found to be responsible for this hyper-ovulation.

2. Dairy

Baby dies after parents fed him gluten-free “special milk” diet
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If you’re not a fan of yam (don’t worry, I’m not either!) try a diet that is rich in milk and other dairy problems. Many studies have concluded that women who don’t consume milk or abstained from animal product have a lower chance of conceiving twins.

3. IVF

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Although expensive, chances are it can work. IVF procedures result in twins at a high rate. Normally the doctors will try to implant many embryos in the hopes that one sticks, but if one sticks, two is also likely. Overall, the chances of having twins in IVF are between 20% to 40%.

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