9 Things Our Husbands Do That Make Us Completely Love and Appreciate Them

My husband and I are very busy people. We both work full-time, we have two children we have to take care of an for the most part we take care of our home on our own (for example if something is broke, we fix it). We rarely get to spend anytime alone and when we do, we’re so exhausted from everything we did that day that we end up just plopping down on the couch and watching a little Netflix before snoozing off!

With that being said though, I know that my husband tries to add a little spark to our marriage whenever he can. Because it’s always the little things that make such a big difference, right? Now, that’s not to say that our marriage is perfect or that we live in complete bliss but we do try our damn best.

Now, my own husband might forget to refill the toilet paper roll in the downstairs bathroom, but he does other things to show me (and our family) just how much we really loves us. If your partner does any of the following things, breathe mama. Because it means he’s got your back!

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Here are 9 things our husbands do that make us completely love them!

1. Helps With the Clean Up

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Sure, you might have slaved away to make his favorite pot roast over the weekend, but at least he understands all the work you’ve put in for him and the rest of the family. If he helps put the dishes away or piles them in the dishwasher AND wipes down the dinner table, his mama raised a good man!

2. Lets You Take the Nap

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Sure, it might be tempting to fall asleep on the couch after a long work week and a few sleepless nights with your 4-month-old. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen my husband fall asleep in all corners of our home just because we are That. Damn. Tired. But if he holds the snooze button to watch the kids so you can get a little shut eye, you’ve got a keeper.

3. Plans the Date Nights

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Have you noticed that many women in their relationship usually do all of the date night planning? You know, as in picking out the restaurant or the venue and making all of the important decisions from the who, what, where and why? Honestly, some mamas just want to be surprised once in awhile. A great partner is one that knows how much you love the Chicken Curry at your favorite Indian restaurant and will take you there for your next anniversary date.

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