9 Things Only Moms Who Had a Vaginal Birth Will Understand

I’ve been very fortunate (or not fortunate, depending how you look at it) to give birth to my two children naturally. And by that I mean that they went through the birth canal and caused me to experience the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt in my life. Seriously, while I was giving birth to my firstborn it sure as heck felt like my down there region was on fire.

I mean, giving birth is no walk in the park and we all know that. But there’s more to giving birth vaginally then just popping a baby out between your two legs, cleaning up the mess and calling it a day. There is a lot of “you can” and “you can’t” that you have to deal with before, during and after the labor process. For example, I was so hungry after I gave birth that I summoned my husband and family to pick up an order of huge bowl of Olive Garden’s fettuccine alfredo and breadsticks as my consolation prize for pushing a baby out of my body. At let me tell you, I still think about that meal to this very day. If you gave birth the same way I did, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about!

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Here are 9 thinks only moms who had vaginal births will understand!

1. It Can Take All Day

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When you watch moms give birth on the movies (or even on reality television!) the mother pushes a few times, and VIOLA, the baby is out. Mama, let me tell you something. It can take as fast as 45 minutes to push your baby out or as long as 20 hours. Be prepared for the worst, should it happen.

2. Pain Relief

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Pain relief isn’t always a guarantee. I can tell you this from my own experience. Even though I ordered an epidural, I can swear to you that it didn’t work because I could still feel every push, tear and burn while my baby was going through the birth canal.

3. Poop

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There’s a good chance that you might leave a number two on the table. And if it happens, don’t freak out about it. Statistics show that many women poop during labor and that doctors are totally used to it (although I’m sure it still sucks to see it happen).

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