9 Things Only Moms Who Had a C-Section Will Understand

A few years ago my father actually told me something that I didn’t like at all. And it’s something that I’ve never repeated to any of my family members, either. It was after my sister had given birth to her second child. We were sitting outside her hospital room and he told me something I already knew: that my sister always had things in life a little easier than me. The only problem though, is that he thought by her having a cesarean section, he thought that must have been much easier than giving birth naturally.

Now, I know how my father thinks (bless him) and I don’t blame him for not knowing any better. I’m sure a lot of other men would think the same way. After all, they are not the ones giving birth. But having a C-section is definitely no walk in the park. And having to deal with the aftermath of it all isn’t easy, too! In fact, there are many unspoken things that moms have to do once they come home after having a C-section in the hospital. Some of these might even surprise you.

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Here are a few things that moms who have had C-sections will only understand.

1. Peeing… All The Time

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A lot of moms won’t tell you that there is a lot of standing, walking, sneezing, coughing, pooping and peeing you have to do after your surgery. And not necessarily in that order.

2. Operation

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You feel like a real-life game of Operation. After all, your doctor managed to take you apart and put all of your pieces back together again! In other words, she won game night. Ha!

3. No Bath Time

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Unfortunately, you won’t be able to take a bath for at least three weeks. Many doctors say that you can remove your wound dressing and take showers if stitches, staples, or glue were used to close your skin. But by all means do not soak in a bath tub or hot tub or go swimming until your doctor gives you the green light.

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