9 Unusual Addictions That All Moms Can Understand

I try not to get addicted to things, but like a baby sucking on a pacifier, it’s hard. I mean, have you tried no bake Nutella cookies before? Or watched just ONE episode of ‘Arrested Development’ on Netflix? It’s nearly impossible. We all share condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. Sadly, our condition doesn’t involve eating kale of going to the gym at the crack of dawn.

Sure, ‘addiction’ might sound like a dirty word, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Just ask the mom buying new gym wear that she doesn’t plan on wearing in the gym (yes, I’m talking to you, mama).

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Here are 9 things moms get quickly addicted to.

1. Target

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If shopping is our religion, then Target is our church. I don’t know what it is about a Target that make the store stand out from the rest of the pack. It’s unlike any other store, but TJ Maxx and Trader Joe’s do come in at a close second and third place. Target gives you the impression that you are saving money (The dollar section and all of those clearance items) when in reality you usually come out spending more than $200. And all you wanted was a bottle of shampoo and tampons.

There’s something about the shiny white aisles and mesmerizing red bullet that makes moms go “Here, take all of my money. And my husband’s money, too!”

2. Starbucks

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Yes, a skinny caramel macchiato on ice is breakfast, OK? Just don’t ask any questions. If I happen to travel somewhere that doesn’t have a Starbucks at least 5 miles of my hotel room, I start to break out in hives. No, I’m kidding. I might have a slight anxiety attic, but it’s nothing that I can’t otherwise control.

You see, if I don’t have coffee (or an iced coffee by 2pm daily), then I’m a complete, uncontrollable, neurotic and stressed out mess. That, or I’ll most likely fall asleep before school pick-up time and that can’t happen. My kids start asking questions if I’m not at least the fourth car in the school afternoon pick up line.

3. Animated Movies

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Here’s a little secret for you: when there’s nothing on television, I usually watch ‘Zootopia’ while I’m on the treadmill. There’s just something about watching a great animated movie with my kids on a rainy Saturday afternoon that gives me the feels. I mean, can you remember the last Leonardo di Caprio movie you watched this year? I didn’t think so.

But I can bet your bottom dollar that you’ve seen every Disney, Universal, and Dreamworks movie that came out during the summer of 2016. C’mon. Admit it. You know you loved ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ MORE than you liked ‘Finding Dory,’ right?

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