9 Reasons Why Your Child Is Spoiled AF

The hardest part for me as a mother is disciplining my children. Sometimes I feel like I’m still trying to figure out the fine line between getting downright p*ssed for catching my kids watching too much YouTube again or going batch*t crazy after finding out that they’ve cracked the iTunes password and have charged multiple apps up the wazoo.

I love my kids, but sometimes I do think they are too spoiled at times. Especially when my son insists on getting a cake pop each time I pop into Starbucks for a well-deserved ice coffee or whenever my daughter begs me to buy her another overpriced JoJo bow at Justice. But are our kids really as spoiled as we think?

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Here are 9 reasons why your child is spoiled AF

1. Your Child Gets Physical

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I’m sorry, but under no circumstances should your child ever get physical with you. I don’t care if he or she is “just a toddler” or a 10-year-old acting out, teach your child to keep his or hands to himself. Hitting is never the answer.

2. They Rule the Roost

naughty child
Credit: Shutterstock/Conrado

You’ve got a huge problem on your hand if your child is ruling your roost. In other words, he or she dictates what time they go to bed, refuse to eat what you cooked for dinner and never, ever picks up any of their belongings.

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