9 Reasons Why You Need to Say ‘F It All’ and Take an All-Girls Trip

I absolutely love traveling and I love going on vacation. Heck, I would do it every month if society allowed me to. I don’t need much notice to pack up my bags, dust off my passport and fly to an exotic location that will allow me to rewind, recharge and relax.

Of course, there’s a huge difference though when I travel with my family and when I travel with my besties. A family vacation is well, fun for just about everyone else except for me. A besties vacation means the only person I’m responsible for is myself. As much as I love my family to bits and pieces, I NEED time away from them. It’s for my own good and my sanity! And I’m sure there are plenty of other Hot Moms out there that feel the exact same way. That’s why….

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Here are 9 reasons why you need to take an all girls trip!

1. There’s No Curfew

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Sure, I haven’t lived in my parents house in over twenty years but yes, I still have a curfew! And it’s one that I put on myself. Because no matter how late I stay up, the kids will always wake up before 7am. And they’ll always demand that I make breakfast, find the iPad charger or locate the remote control otherwise they are totally on top of me in bed. On an  all girls trip, you don’t have to worry about waking up the next morning.

2. Packing For One

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If you are anything like me, you’ll most likely end up packing for EVERYONE for your family trip. And yes, it’s damn it stressful and exhausting making sure that everyone has enough pairs of underwear, socks, shorts, shirts and bathing suits to make it for the week. On an all girl’s trip all you have to worry about is packing for one. It’s so much simpler.

3. Girl Time

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When’s the last time you spent a little girl’s time with your favorite gals? And no I don’t mean girl’s time at the American Girl store with your kids at the mall. Every mom needs to reconnect with her girlfriends. Even if that means you have to spend a little time away from your kids, than by all means do it.

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