9 Reasons Why You Need to Ditch Your Toxic Mom Friend

We all know her. Or at least, we’ve dealt with her in one way or another. You know, the mom who constantly asks you to babysit her kids (for free) during her sudden and very urgent “emergencies.” But when you ask her to return the favor, she’s never there. Or the mom who constantly judges you over your hair cut, the outfit you just bought or the shoes you happen to be wearing that day. Sure, she pretends to be your friend but you can also * feel ” that eye roll from her the moment you turn your back.

Whether we can admit to it or not, toxic mom friends are everywhere. And quite honestly, they are just not worth our time, our effort or our energy for that matter. If she doesn’t have anything positive to bring into your life, then she’s not worth keeping around, in our opinion.

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Here are 9 reasons why you should DITCH your toxic mom friend.

1. She’s a Queen

mom friend
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Actually, she’s a queen and her daughters are little princesses. No matter where you guys go, her tribe is always front and center. And she’ll let you know that, too. Her kids come before yours. She’ll always find a way to outshine you with everything too, whether it’s through her career and successes, her style or heck, even the car she drives. She’s too busy being competitive to be your true friend.

2. The Leech

mom friend
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In other words, she’s sucking the life out of you. She’s constantly asking you for favors, whether it’s to babysit her kids, to drive her to work, borrow your crockpot or pay for dinner (she’ll pay for the next meal, of course, but never does). But when it comes to returning the favor, all of a sudden she’s not picking up her phone or answering her messages anymore. That’s because she’s a leech.

3. The Complainer

mom friend
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Hey, nobody likes a Debbie Downer. But this mom just can’t help but complain about everything in her life and unfortunately, she wants you to hear about it. If she’s not complaining about her life on Facebook, then she’s calling you during your ‘Game of Thrones’ hour to bitch about her work, boss, partner and kids and expects you to drop everything so you can hear her out.

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